Jon Reed Goes Off On... May 2005

Monday, May, 30 2005

Dear Peter Gabriel...

Dear Peter Gabriel, I am working on a film project and I'm hoping to use "Solisbury Hill" on the soundtrack. I am writing to find out how to obtain the rights for using this song. Let me tell you more about this film so you can decide if it's appropriate. For this particular project, I plan on using this song to---- oh, sorry, for a moment, I forgot you sell this song to any film-maker who wants to use it. So I guess all I need is the price and we can proceed with whoring your song out immediately. I look forward to using your song on as many projects as I can push to market. Thanks again for making your most important work available to anyone with a story to sell.

Categories: corporate whores
posted on Monday, May, 30 2005 by Jon Reed

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