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Monday, October, 31 2005

Coldplay...the next U2? Bring on the media hype machine

The cultural sewer flows so fast it's hard to keep the commentary afloat. One story I clipped but swore I would return to was an article on Coldplay that ran in Newsweek last May. In the piece, writer Devin Gordon begins by saying that "Coldplay wants to be the best, biggest band in the world. But then the last people to talk like that were U2." Actually, Devin, the last band to talk like that was Oasis. I have no problems with Coldplay, but ten years from now, they're a lot more likely to be touring clubs with Oasis than arenas with U2. Sure, it would be great to see a little more creative ambition in the music business, but let's remember that the way to shake up the music world is to combine ambition with reckless subversion. Ambition without subversion is just more fodder for "empTV." It might be enough for a Newsweek story, but it's not enough to put Coldplay in the category of Dylan, U2, or the Sex Pistols. Right now, Coldplay is still trying to be as memorable as The Darkness. Let's hold off on the U2 comparisons for a little while.

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posted on Monday, October, 31 2005 by Jon Reed

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