Jon Reed Goes Off On... November 2005

Friday, November, 25 2005

Nice celebration Roy Williams. I think your team lost.

In this blog we slam the shameless side of corporate advertising, but athletes can engage in absurd self-advertising also. I am still in post-Turkey shock over the embarrassment of the Detroit Lions' Roy Williams master-brating his touchdown catch, the only score in his team's 27-7 shellacking by the Falcons. Umm, Roy, can you save the end zone antics for games in which your team is not completely humiliated on national television?

Drew Rosenhaus, Image Makeover Specialist

And speaking of bad sports, readers have asked how a blog called "bad sports" hasn't addressed Terrell Owens, the posterchild of all bad sports? Well, here at we like to pick on tougher targets. Hammering T.O. is like throwing me a slow-pitch softball. Sitting couchside, the biggest fool in the whole saga appears to be uber-agent Drew "no one pushes me around" Rosenhaus. Nice stategery Drew! I'll definitely look to you the next time I meet an athlete or celebrity who wants to bomb their net worth. How many careers have soured in T.O's driveway? Try not to pull in there.

Paging Mike Sherman on the Hypocrisy Channel

It was hard not to resist commenting on the hypocrisy of Packers Coach Mike Sherman canceling a press conference and riding off on a high horse due to a reporter getting a cell phone call, when Mike himself is endorsed by a local cell phone company. Good call Mike! What I wouldn't give for a strong signal when Coach Sherman stops by.

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posted on Friday, November, 25 2005 by Jon Reed

Monday, November, 21 2005

The Boyz are Back in Town (Wearing Wranglers)

The ghost of Phil Lynott watches over us. He is not wearing Wranglers. The flames of his phantom guitar burn the smellout from corporate jeans.

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posted on Monday, November, 21 2005 by Jon Reed

Bee Ets You Saw, Progressive!

Companies use jingles to move product. They buy (or pay hacks to write) songs that reinforce certain branding messages. Whether or not it annoys you (and it tends to annoy me a lot), you can generally understand why a company chooses to affiliate itself with a particular song. Navigation system? "I Can See for Miles." Scared to give your girl a ring? "Under Pressure." But Progressive Insurance is a mystery to me. They have a heavy-rotation commercial that runs with a snotty jingle. As far as I can make out, the words are: "Bee Ets You Saw, Yahh Nets You Bee!!" If anyone has a better translation, can you please forward it to me? Better yet, I'd love an explanation as to why it's a good idea to promote the spastic sounds of jibberish during a company's signature commercial. If the message is that Progressive is hoping to drown us in soulless drivel, then I guess I got the message after all.

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posted on Monday, November, 21 2005 by Jon Reed

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